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WEAC Summer Leadership Academy is July 29-31

Registration is now open for the 2019 WEAC Summer Leadership Academy, July 29-31 in Stevens Point. The strength of the state association lies within the strength of each and every local. The Summer Leadership Academy in Stevens Point is meant to empower local leaders in their work with members, the community, administration, elected leaders and the students they serve. So often we get caught up in the definition of a leader as one who holds an office or title, and we know that there are leaders within each local that hold no office, and yet they are leading the profession.  Members of a local team could have some members attend the Level 1 training (Foundational) while others … [Read More...]

We Are Region 6

WEAC Region 6 is a collection of unions creating exciting opportunities for local unions to work with members to achieve everything they want in their careers and their classrooms. The region, consisting of local unions throughout southern and southwestern Wisconsin, provides professional assistance and expertise that local leaders and members can access for community organizing, local advocacy, professional development, member representation, legal advice and collective bargaining. All of this together helps the members of WEAC Region 6 maximize their potential in their classrooms, in the process maximizing their students’ opportunities to learn and grow.