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Stay Current on Educator Licensure Laws

Licensing requirements have changed immensely in Wisconsin in the last few years. If you are an educator who has been out of the profession for a few years and is re-entering now, you might want to review the law and how it applies to you. The 2017-19 Wisconsin state budget made major changes to teacher licensing in Wisconsin, and in the time since then the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has been rewriting the rules to match the new laws. WEAC’s licensure specialist has put together a Frequently Asked Questions document to address the questions union members are asking about these changes. … [Read More...]

We Are Region 6

WEAC Region 6 is a collection of unions creating exciting opportunities for local unions to work with members to achieve everything they want in their careers and their classrooms. The region, consisting of local unions throughout southern and southwestern Wisconsin, provides professional assistance and expertise that local leaders and members can access for community organizing, local advocacy, professional development, member representation, legal advice and collective bargaining. All of this together helps the members of WEAC Region 6 maximize their potential in their classrooms, in the process maximizing their students’ opportunities to learn and grow.