Fast $50 Project is about Virtue and Rewards

WEAC Region 6 has launched the Fast $50 Recruitment Incentive project to increase our region’s membership numbers and reward Region 6 members who sign up potential members to join the union.

Any Region 6 member who signs up a new member by February 29, 2016 will be rewarded with $50 for every new recruit. Checks will be mailed to recruiters once they complete and return the required paperwork for each new member they sign up. It’s that simple.

Some members have asked why we are rewarding recruiters. Haven’t many of us have been signing up members for the last several years without personal financial incentives? Isn’t this how we’ve built Region 6 into WEAC’s largest region? Isn’t virtue its own reward?

The answer to all three questions is “yes.”

The other answer is that it is worth a lot more than $50 to gain a new union member. The value comes not just from every members’ dues dollars but from the collective strength Region 6 gains every time our numbers increase. A union’s strength is in its numbers. Region 6 is strong because school boards, school administrators, community members and members of the news media know that we represent the collective voice of education employees in our part of the state. That voice is amplified with every member who joins, adds his or her voice to the chorus, and further reinforces the strength we have built through our actions.

Research and experience show that potential union members are much more likely to join if they are approached face-to-face by someone they work with. Many teachers and education support professionals who do not belong to the union say that they have never been asked to join. The Fast $50 project is reminding and encouraging recruiters to talk to potential members they might not have talked to yet.

The project comes as the result of a successful grant proposal that Region 6 leaders and staff submitted to WEAC to complement ongoing membership organizing and recruitment efforts. Once the project ends we will evaluate the results and determine whether the incentives helped.

If you have questions about the Fast $50 Recruitment Incentive project, call the WEAC Region 6 office at 1-800-397-2287 or email me at

Are there employees in the building where you work who aren’t members and might not have been asked to join? If you’re not sure of the answer, the best way to find out is to ask them yourself.


Mark Lindsey

President of WEAC Region 6