Decide if National Board Certification is for You

WEAC Region 6 members are encouraged to explore the professional and financial benefits of National Board Certification and the support the union can provide to National Board candidates. With this in mind, Region 6 held an introductory workshop on National Board Certification on September 29 at the WEAC Region 6 building in Madison.

The benefits of National Board certification include:

  • Reimbursement of costs ($2,000)
  • Annual Wisconsin stipend ($2,500-$5,000)
  • Most school districts provide wage increases or stipends for teachers who are National Board certified
  • License portability between states
  • Ten-year Wisconsin Master Educator License

Union support for National Board candidates includes:

  • Informational sessions throughout Wisconsin
  • Individual coaching
  • Access to NEA Jump Start curriculum
  • Assignment of personal mentor
  • Regular candidate support sessions
  • Access to the expertise of NBCT union members

Region 6 members who were unable to attend on September 29 are urged to consider attending workshops or informational sessions in other parts of the state, including Baraboo and Milwaukee. listed the current opportunities in a recent article.

Also, WEAC professional development specialist Jeff Baas will lead a statewide National Board Certification informational webinar on Wednesday, October 12 at 7:00 p.m. Find out more about the webinar and register for it online.