Recertification Voting Ends Wednesday at Noon

The local union recertification voting that started on October 27 in more than 40 WEAC Region 6 locals continues until noon on Wednesday, November 16.

If you haven’t voted for recertification yet, ask your building representative or your local president if your local is participating in this year’s recertification elections. Look for communications from your local leadership and Region 6 on how your local plans to organize the vote and how you can get involved. Instructions for how to cast your vote are available online, and more information about recertification elections can be found on the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission website.

The governor’s Act 10 law requires public employee unions to recertify annually in order to remain a certified collective bargaining unit. Some Region 6 locals have refused to participate in these elections and are therefore not eligible to participate now. Some locals that have not recertified are choosing to certify as new bargaining units, a process separate from recertification.

For a local to recertify, Act 10 requires 51 percent of the staff who are eligible to join the union to vote in favor of recertification. Voting is open to staff whether they are current members of the union or not. According to Act 10’s rules, every non-vote is counted as a “no.”

Last year, every recertification election in Region 6 was successful and more than 95 percent of the staff who voted in the elections voted in favor of the union. Still, there were so many non-votes that some of the elections were close.

Voting ends Wednesday, November 16, at noon. It only takes a few seconds. Members and non-members can choose between voting online or by telephone.

If you have questions, email WEAC Region 6 director Jack Bernfeld at or call the Region 6 office at 1-800-397-2287.