Join Your Colleagues and Say NO to DeVos

Donald Trump Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos is a billionaire whose family founded the Amway corporation and who has never worked in education in any capacity. Instead, she has donated untold millions of dollars to pro-privatization groups and political candidates that aim to pull money out of the public schools that 90 percent of our nation’s students attend and redirect it to private and religious schools that other billionaires can profit off of. In the words of NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia, “For the first time ever, our Secretary of Education could be an anti-public education activist whose sole ‘qualification’ for the job is the two decades she has spent attempting to dismantle, destabilize, and defund the American vision of public education.”

Eskelsen Garcia joined AFT president Randi Weingarten and Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan recently in calling on union members to call on their senators to vote NO on the DeVos nomination and announcing the creation of the House Public Education Caucus. Rep. Pocan is friend of WEAC Region 6 who has spoken at previous region board of directors meetings.

The DeVos confirmation hearing has been postponed for six days because of the advocacy of union members and public education supporters throughout the nation. Now is the time to turn up the heat.

The NEA website has more information about DeVos and makes it easy for you to email and call your senators before it’s too late.