Region 6 Organizes Around Money Smart Week

The Wisconsin Coalition to Address Student Loan Debt, created and organized by the leaders and staff of WEAC Region 6, invites all Region 6 members and their families to participate in coalition events coinciding with national Money Smart Week, April 22-29.

On April 22 in Milwaukee, financial planning professionals will answer questions about student loan debt and financial planning at no charge. All Region 6 members are invited.

Members struggling with student debt, planning for their children’s futures, or trying to help their children manage student debt, can find a wealth of assistance on the Wisconsin Coalition to Address Student Loan Debt’s web portal.

Also, throughout April and May, Region 6 members are invited to attend financial planning events organized by Madison Teachers Inc. at the MTI office on Williamson Street in Madison, and can access more information and assistance through WEA Member Benefits.