Region 6 Representative Assembly Sets Course for 2018-19

At the Region 6 Representative Assembly on May 18, Region 6 president Kirah Zeilinger and the Region 6 delegates set the 2018-19 budget and dues, elected and re-elected officers, and voted on new business items to set the direction of the regional organization’s work for the next 12 months.

Region 6 dues will remain the same for the 2018-19 school year, and the delegates voted to defer the decision of AFL-CIO affiliate membership to each individual local’s membership.

The delegates elected or re-elected the following leaders:

Vice President – Tim Vedra (Beloit Education Association)
Secretary – Brenda Morris (Lake Mills Education Association)
Zone 1 Rep – Denise Engstrom (Fort Atkinson Education Association)
Zone 2 Rep – Jon Buslaff (Fennimore Education Association)
Zone 3 Rep – Duane Draper (Barneveld Education Association)
Zone 4 Rep – Tracey Leider (Oregon Education Association)
Zone 5 Rep – Justin Kamp (Milton Education Association)

Retiring Oregon High School special education teacher and outgoing Region 6 secretary Kay Bliefernicht was honored for her three decades of outstanding teaching and union leadership.

Twelve local leaders received Recognition Awards for their outstanding union activism: Steve Bakken and Kevin Diece (Fort Atkinson Education Association), Joan Fitzgerald (Jefferson Education Association), Brian Fredrick (Monona Grove Education Association), Deb Galstad (Lake Mills Education Association), Sarah Greenlaw (Verona Area Education Association), Molly Grupe (Waunakee Teachers Association), Kim Katzenmeyer (Evansville Education Association), Tracey Leider (Oregon Education Association), Katy Mullen (Stoughton Education Association), Patty Schlafer (Mount Horeb Education Association) and Meredith Smith (Belleville Education Association).