Our Partners

A bonus of membership in Region 6 is that you are also a member of AFL-CIO. This enables us as teachers to join forces with plumbers, electricians, postal workers, construction workers, nurses, teaching assistants, and more. These are people who are passionate about labor and workers’ rights. They don’t mess around. They take action and get things done.

As members, we have access to more training and advocacy opportunities, and we reap benefits in many other areas, including support in local elections, which as you may know, can totally turn the tide in a community or school district.

As teachers we have isolated ourselves for far too long and as a result, are too vulnerable. We must understand that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves, and through this partnership with our union brothers and sisters, we ALL have more power and influence. As we know, if it’s good for teachers it’s good for kids. And membership in AFL-CIO is definitely good for teachers.

This page will provide information regarding current labor topics, upcoming events, and opportunities for action. Check back often to see how you can make a difference!