I’m In!

UnionYes_150pxThe WEAC Region 6 I’m In! Membership Recruitment Incentive project rewards Region 6 members who sign up potential members.

Research and experience show that potential union members are much more likely to join if they are approached face-to-face by someone they work with who is already a member. From now until November 30, 2016, any Region 6 member who signs up a new Region 6 member will be rewarded $50 for every new recruit.

The project’s guidelines and compensation claim form are available online. Region 6’s leaders hope this will be a strong incentive for local leaders to have the one-on-one conversations that are so o union organizing.

Region 6 president Mark Lindsey blogged about the I’m In! project and you can learn more about it by calling the WEAC Region 6 office at 1-800-397-2287.

For more information about the benefits of union membership, call the Region 6 office, email President Lindsey, or talk to the elected local union leaders in the school district where you work.